27 June 2011

cover crush: the kid table

THE KID TABLE by Andrea Seigel
Published: September 2010

I haven't read this yet, but I must say that the cover is spot-on. It's simple, eye-catching, and perfectly illustrates the title of the book. And, as someone that has been stuck at the kid table even after getting married (because my family is seriously lacking in anyone more than a few years younger than me!) I can relate to wanting to move up!


  1. This cover has caught my eye before, too. I'm more partial to shells mac & cheese though ;-)

  2. I have this book! Well an ARC of it, I haven't read it yet though! For some reason it's always interested me! I'm more partial to the regular mac n cheese, not the shells and cheese :)

  3. Cute cover! I like how simple (and not messy) it is. Is it possible for a kid's table to not be messy? Shouldn't there be a dribble of mac and cheese on the corner somewhere just out of sight? LOL

    ♥ Trish Just a YA Girl


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