Storybound Girl was founded in 2011 and is all about one girl's lifelong love of books. Most books mentioned are YA or adult romance.

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Sarah B. is a 30-something Texan. She likes books (obviously!), dresses, Scandinavian home decor, and maniacal laughing. She loves intricately developed characters and once cross stitched miniature versions of the entire Tenenbaum family. She lived in Holland a few years back, and now lives in North Texas with her Dutch husband.

She is addicted to reading novels, homemade iced mochas, studying American politics & women's issues, and planning how to renovate a house she does not yet own. Someday, she plans to host an old timey costume party and dress up as prospector, Daniel Plainview. She dreams of being a published author of contemporary romance, and probably some nerdy, political non-fiction you don't want to hear about.

(Psst... the stitched-Tenenbaums, if you're curious.)

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