15 June 2011

Pretty Little Liars: IT'S ALIVE (S02E01)

Anyone watching Pretty Little Liars? The second season premiered last night! (And it is totally legit to post about it here, since it started from a YA series!)

Season 02 Episode 01
Originally Aired: June 14, 2011

A few thoughts on the episode:
(Note: I rip into it a bit, but I totally love it, so it's friendly dissing, I swear.)

PARENT-TEAM: First, why do they all so seriously doubt that their daughters were attacked/saw a dead guy? Is that something they normally expect their kids to make up just for fun?! Also, it was totally awkward when Spencer's parents were comforting her sister and talking about Ian like he was just missing, when Spencer is the one who knew FOR SURE that he was there and what she saw. Playing favorites much? (Again!)

JENNA: Every time the girls have a serious/spooky/transformative moment, there's Jenna. Standing across the street/on the other side of the room/right behind the door being blind and somehow observing them from a distance. (Super human hearing? Just plain creepiness?)

NOEL: So, he's going to be some devious bad boy now? Twirling his evil moustache and all that? Wasn't he sort of quiet and acoustic guitar-y before?

MONA: Eh. I don't know what to think or say about her. Ignoring for now.

TOBY & EMILY: So... did he never have romantic feelings for Emily? Or are we just pretending that they were always JUST FRIENDS, since she's a lesbian and it would be awkward for him to date Spencer after lusting after Emily...?

EZRA & ARIA: I read an article last year where one of the writers/creators said that Ezra & Aria are their BIG, EPIC LOVE STORY. Whaaaat?! Teacher & student are the big one?! How does that even work? Also, shirtless-Ezra when Aria showed up to talk about serious issues was weird. Definitely felt like older dude being sort of creepy, instead of super comfortable couple just chatting. Also, why didn't Aria immediately tell him about his missing apartment key?! I'm pretty sure he needs to know!

SPENCER'S LOCKS: When there is a psycho out there harassing you, Spencer, please keep your zillions of doors and giant windows locked!

HANNA: Please hear Caleb's side of the story, deal with it, and then make him your boyfriend.

THE ENDING "A" SCENE - Oh, the end! Always with the awkward, cheesy A moments. Following the therapist on the dark street? Does A have an invisibility cloak, because she wasn't that slow to turn around and NO ONE WAS THERE. Also, thanks for getting Spencer to say the baby's name, HANNA. A was totally RIGHT NEXT TO YOU (as usual) and overheard and texted it at warp speed to "prove" Ian is alive-and-texting. And, EMILY - Who keeps ONE copy of a super important video on their hard drive on a laptop in a house that A can definitely get into? Really? .... REALLY?!

So, what did you think? Comment or tweet... I'm always up for ridiculous story-analyzing chat!


  1. I need to watch this series but I want to read the book first!

  2. @Savannah - Haha. Well, I haven't read the books either, but I did read that the answer to the mystery is totally different, so now I figure I should wait until the show is over to avoid confusing it with the books!

  3. I was thinking the same thing! LOL

  4. Im in love with this series, Have just watched all of Season One - ended up downloading it online as we are way behind in New Zealand :) cant wait for Season Two


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