21 June 2011

tune in tuesday #02

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReads. Post a song, new or old, each week. Happy listening!

This Tuesday's Tune:
SEA OF LOVE covered by Cat Power

Husband has officially been a resident of the United States for six months and one day today! This song makes me feel all dreamy and in love. (Haha! Gag!)


  1. I loooove this song!! It always makes me remember that scene in Juno where it's playing. So sad...

    Great song pick, Sarah!

  2. <3 Cat Power and Im a new follower!!

  3. I love Cat Power. Great pick! And congrats to the hubster. =)

  4. I hadn't heard this version of the song. Wow, Cat Power has a haunting voice.

    Looks like it's a time for newness for you--with your husband being in the U.S and the start of a new blog. I wish the most exciting things come from both for you.


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