03 July 2011

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: My Name is Trouble (S02E03)

So... maybe it's just me, but I thought this episode was kind of a snooze. (Also, this post was up a few days ago, then disappeared, and is back again since I noticed it was missing. Oops!)

Season 02 Episode 03
Originally Aired: June 28, 2011
(All screencaps courtesy of ABCFamily.)

The episode starts with the girls sitting in the ONLY MOVIE THEATER IN TOWN. They're watching a silent film, because that's what teenage girls do. They're those super annoying LOUD TALKERS and PHONE CHECKERS, so I hope no one else is in there. Except! Some hooded, gloved person who is creeping in the back, then suddenly charges them! Ahhh! Then, Spencer wakes up. Good thing that "watching a silent movie" thing was only a dream.

Melissa can't find her wedding ring. Spencer pawns it later in the episode and buy's Toby-the-construction-worker a super old truck.

Hanna's parents are flirty and will probably hook up soon. Her dad is spotted having a phone-fight with his fiance, and Hanna later deletes an apology text from her before he sees it. Looks like someone wants dad around more than her grumpy face pretends.

Emily's packing to move to Texas. Her mom has informed her she will "like the rodeo" and Texans everywhere groan at the uber-cliche. 

Aria signed up for an art course at Ezra's newjob-U. In the middle of the semester. Because she's a total brain. Except really she's KEEPING AN EYE ON HIM AND HIS EX. 

Toby swings by school carrying a messenger bag, even though he's Construction-Worker-Toby now. I think he came by just to complain about not having enough money to buy a truck (so now he's going to work for Alison's brother, Jason), and kiss Spencer to remind us that they're a couple. Good thing Spencer buys him that truck later!

Hanna's hanging in the courtyard and spots Lucas. He can't stop to chat though, because he's got to go help Caleb with something. Oh, and Caleb is LIVING IN HIS HOUSE. Later, Hanna tries to help land Lucas a girlfriend. That's not awkward at all.

Aria "happens" to bump into Ezra at the U and his ex-fiance sees them kissing. She met Aria through her dad, so she knows she's a high school student! (Are we supposed to be super concerned about them being outed after that makeout session in front of the bus last week? Didn't SOMEONE see?!)

Aria goes to her university art class dressed like a fashion magazine intern and slaps on a smock to throw some clay. Oh, and Jenna's in the class and every person in the room seems to know & like her. (Isn't it the first day?) 

Jason is super creepy and even though he swears no one is in his house, someone passes by the window. And what's up with the fence he's having Toby build? Dun Dun DUUUUNNNNN.

Spencer is still leaving her windows and doors wide open. She never learns.

Flashback! Alison runs over to Spencer's next door claiming to have been sexually harassed at the only boy's only party to have ever occurred. Seriously. Her brother had an entire loud party full of only dudes? Riiiiight. Anyway, she totally tears up and Spencer sees. Then she grabs an apple, takes a bite and declares: “Your family has the worst apples.” WTF?

Emily, Aria & Hanna are in a car talking about Emily writing a fake offer letter from the university so her mom won't make her move. Hanna immediately digs in her purse for a stamp. Aria, the girl with the way older teacher boyfriend, is super nervous about Em lying.

Toby's digging away on Jason's property. And Spencer swings by just in time to see Jason drop a garbage back and bloody gauze spills out. OMG.

Back in the pottery class, Aria is pretending to be called Anita so Jenna won't know she's there. Also: I don't know WHY they're in the same class, since Jenna is clearly NOT a beginner. I've taken ceramics and your first pieces DO NOT turn out like that light she made! Annnnnyway. Jenna talks about remembering her sight and starts crying just in time for Aria to finally say more than two words and she realizes she's not talking to some girl named Anita, because it's actually Aria. Jenna. Is. Pissed.

Spencer's sister, Melissa, is still being really evasive and is overheard making plans to sneak out after Spencer is asleep.

Emily decides against mailing the fake offer letter for the university swim team, but later her mom comes running in her room all excited. A dug it out of her trash and mailed it!

Melissa sneaks out. Spencer, Aria, and Hanna follow her and hide in the shrubs. Old boyfriend, Wren, pulls up. He hands Melissa a bag of... something, then leaves. (WHAT'S IN THE BAG, MELISSA?)

Mysterious-Glove-Hands goes to the pawn shop and buys Melissa's ring that Spencer pawned earlier in the episode to buy Toby a truck. Uh oh!

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