01 July 2011

WATERFALL by Lisa Tawn Bergren

WATERFALL (RIVER OF TIME #1) by Lisa Tawn Bergren
YA - Paperback, 352 pages
Published February 1, 2011

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American teenager Gabi Betarrini accidently finds herself in Fourteenth-Century Italy . . . Knights. Swords. Horses. Armor. And Italian hotties. Most American teens want an Italian vacation, but the Betarrini sisters have spent every summer of their lives there with their archaeologist parents. Stuck on yet another hot, dusty dig, they are bored out of their minds... until they place their hands atop handprints in an ancient tomb and find themselves catapulted into the Fourteenth Century and in the middle of a fierce battle between knights bent on killing one another.

WATERFALL is an engaging story set in 14th century Italy when Gabi, a modern day 17-year-old, accidentally goes back in time along with her sister.

Gabi’s been raised by two world class archeologists, so she’s much more informed about and capable of living in old Italy than the average 17-year-old might be. She’s got unexpected language skills and can wield a sword (but her sister is the award winning archer in the family). She’s smart, determined, and feisty.

The book started out slow for me, taking a few chapters before I was really hooked, but I’m so glad I kept going. Time travel, especially the magical, unexpected kind, isn’t an obvious yes for me. I was also a bit hesitant when I saw the book is considered Christian YA, but it didn’t end up being an issue for me. Other than a few quick mentions here and there, it’s no big deal… It’s not like Gabi went around quoting scripture or anything.

Once Gabi goes back in time and meets up with Marcello and his BFF, Luca, (double swoon!) her story is action packed and racing toward an ending that will keep you hoping for one thing, while thinking maybe the other is actually right. (Vague, I know. But it’s true and I don’t want to spoil it!)

WATERFALL is a great historical fiction filled with a rich look at 14th century Italy, what life was like back then, and the hot, bad ass guys you could hook up with if you went back in time (plus a few you’d do well to avoid!). I'm really looking forward to snagging a copy of the next book in the series to find out in which century Gabi lives.

WATERFALL, and book 2, CASCADE, are out now. Book 3, TORRENT, is due out in September.

Extra big thanks to Savannah at Books With Bite for including me in the book tour!

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  1. Thanks for giving WATERFALL a try, Sarah! I so appreciate your time--and space on your blog to tell your followers. Hope you like CASCADE too!


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