12 November 2011


Part of November's #JustContemporary is swapping guest posts each week on different topics. This week, let's welcome Amanda from The Fiction Fairy. (Click over to read my post on the same topic right here.)


For week 2 of the guest post swap hosted by Chick Loves Lit & Basically Amazing Books the topic was “TOUGH STUFF.” Tough stuff seems like and easy enough topic, but let me tell you…it-is-TOUGH! (No pun intended.) Finally, I decided to choose tough stuff as it relates to contemporary YA books. Although, contemporary is only my second favorite type of YA book, as a teacher I can appreciate the topics that contemps often cover. So, in my teacher book, contemps are #1!

In today's world, although we are becoming a more more tolerant people, I feel like tweens and young adults feel more alone than ever. We text instead of talk, play video games instead of play outside, and microwave meals instead of sitting together for a hot dinner. With the ever growing absence of meaningful human contact I feel that contemporary YA novels help to fill the void.

From bullying, to sexual identification issues, divorce, abuse, and to have sex or not to have sex, contemporary novels are often the voice of reason to so many impressionable kids who have questions or doubt about a wide array of topics.

So, as a person, a woman, and a teacher I thank Contemporary YA books for talking about the “Tough Stuff” when we can’t!

Swing by The Fiction Fairy for more from Amanda (plus a guest post by me right here)! 

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  1. Such a great post and such a great point, about being a society more distant than ever. We DO have a lot less in person contact and I believe that books can be a life saver! Great post!


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