13 December 2011

tune in tuesday #05

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReads. Post a song, new or old, each week. Happy listening!

This Tuesday's Tune:
HO HEY by The Lumineers

This song was in last weeks episode of Hart of Dixie. Love.


  1. YES!! Awesome pick! I heard it last week too and totally fell in love with it. I so freaking love that show. :)

  2. ok I am LOVING this. I quit watching Heart of Dixie after the second episode. It just didn't stick with me :( but if they're playing music like this.... I may need to pick it back up. Great choice!

  3. This is super fun! I've never watched the show, but I like this sound. Thanks for introducing it to me! :)

    My concert edition for this week! So excited... :)


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