28 April 2012

The Best Way To Re-Read Twilight

So, you've all seen this, yes?

(I'm double checking, since I linked it to @hittingongirls when he mentioned having read Twilight & he didn't know about it.)

If you missed it, WATCH EVERY SINGLE ONE RIGHT NOW! Because every video is funny & spot-on & full of things like this:

On Bella's description of Edward Cullen's hair: "Weird description. --  'I was mugged.' 'What did he look like?' 'He was tall with bronze hair!'

And this: 

Or from chapter two, when Bella compares Mike to a golden retriever: "This guy Mike, who's into Bella, she's just completely a dick to him."

Alex Day (nerimon on YouTube) never misses a subplot or an instance of weird word usage and I laugh every time I watch it without fail.

(PS - There is a tiny Maureen Johnson cameo in the chapter seven video. It's awkward (and awesome), as expected.)


  1. I am watching all of them right now! hahaha I'm on Chapters 10-11. This guy is hilarious!

    1. SO funny! His other videos are good too... but the Twilight ones are hilarious.


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