22 May 2012

TOP TEN: Non-Book Websites I Love

It's TOP 10 TUESDAY time! Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  


I've always loved books, but I've ALSO always loved: politics & news and design/home decor. I was a little girl in love with politics & government & the thought of being a spy, which led to a major in Political Science (and a minor in Women's Studies). I rearranged my bedroom a zillion times as a kid. I'm currently pursuing a teaching degree so I can share my love of politics and civil rights. My dream right now is to either build a house I help design or buy an old, outdated one so I won't feel bad ripping everything out and making it look exactly the way I want (white! and new! but with some old charm). So that's what makes up most of my list... plus I really love TV and laughing, so there are two spots in there for that. (Also, I left out every single fashion blog because I couldn't decide -- I read a bunch of those, too!)

Here are ten websites (not related to books) that I make sure to visit each day: 

Blogs for design inspiration, ideas, and pretty interior pictures:

01. Making It Lovely - I've been following Nicole's work for years, and this blog, in particular, since before she bought her first house and had two kids. Her posts are full of pink, pretty things, and useful information. She also posts cute fashion finds pretty regularly these days.

02. Decor8 - Holly loves white walls as much as I do and right now she lives in Germany (which is similar design-wise to The Netherlands where I lived before), so I love taking a peek inside her apartment and the design finds she comes across over there. (And she has a book full of pretty home pictures!)

03. Design Sponge - Every day at Design Sponge is PACKED with great posts. I'm especially fond of the before and after furniture makeovers and the home tours. And the city guides! Oh, and the project instructions! And recipes! (See, it's FULL. I can't even decide. And there's a great book out now, too!)

04. Young House Love - The couple behind this blog are DIY champions. They finished re-doing their first house, then sold it and bought a new one just to keep on going. Their second house is way more my speed, and I'm loving watching it come together. Their new kitchen is awesome, especially when you see how it started, how much they did themselves and how little they spent. (They've got a book in the works!)

05. Apartment Therapy - This blog is less personal than the others listed previously, as it's more of collaboration and not really about the life of the writers, but it is full of everything home decor. This is my go to source when I'm wondering how comfortable a particular sofa is (when there isn't a store in my city to test it out myself), or which shade of white is perfect for that room that hardly gets any sun, and everything else related to home. I especially love their focus on small homes, as I'm not the McMansion type. I like style and design, but I don't like my voice to echo in my house. (I have two of their books & highly recommend them for inspiration & looks at whole homes.

Websites that every girl & every boy who cares about girls should read:

06. Jezebel - Their description: "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion For Women" is spot-on. They cover everything from the silly to serious that a girl could want -- all with a fun, refreshing edge.

07. Feministing - This one's like Jezebel, but without the pop culture focus... It's post after post of things happening to and because of women all over the world that you might never hear about otherwise. If you're the girl that has ever declared yourself "not a feminist," you should take a look and reconsider.

Good places for TV, funny things, smart things, or cute things:

08. Television Without Pity - The best at all things TV. I especially love following their Twitter for short (often funny) little glimpses into their thoughts on my favorite shows. And if you miss a show, their recaps will make you feel like you didn't.

09. The Oatmeal - Cute comics, often with a serious point... like, how Tesla invented electricity as we know it and the Edison story is big 'ole American lie. He's got a shop full of fun posters... I have two and can vouch for both their quality and hilarity.

10. Hello Giggles - This one was co-founded my Zooey Deschanel and promises that all posts are lady-friendly (meaning the posts are aimed at smart, independent, creative women). You'll find everything from a bunny cam to nail polishing tips to world news. They've proven to be solid at covering some pretty serious topics dealing with women's issues (like why it's not okay that the Chris Brown performed at the latest Grammys and no one really seemed to care about that time he bashed Rhianna's face, which led to the cancellation of his and her performances that year, because she was too beat up and he was too... um... post-just beat my girlfriend up and their are pictures and other douchebaggy things).


Should I mention that I also keep Gmail and Twitter open constantly, and read a zillion news websites throughout the day? Because I do. But I doubt anyone needs me to provide a link to CNN... 

What about you? If you posted your own list, leave me a link! And if you didn't, recommend a blog in the comments, anyway.


  1. Oh, Miss Sarah! You follow some AWESOME BLOGS! I looooove Decor8, Apartment Therapy, and Young House Love! Going to check out the rest because I'm sure there's more awesomeness to be found!

  2. I was just introduced to The Oatmeal from this week's Top Ten. Love it!
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  3. I totally love Decor8, Design Sponge, Young House Love and Hello Giggles. I didn't include any but YHL on my list because I was struggling to narrow it down to 10. With your obvious good taste in websites, I'm off to go check out the others on your list!

    1. Yay! I had trouble narrowing my list down, too!

  4. Obsessed with Oatmeal!! so funny!!! This is a greta post though, I'm always looking for stuff to read while I should be working!



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