21 October 2012

bookmarks of the week


I see a zillion book-related things (and a few random, but awesome, things) I love and want to share every week, so here's the spot. Bookmarks of the Week!

 Ginger of GReads took part in the Dear Teen Me blog tour, and she put together a super awesome 6 Word Teenage Memoir video & asked me to contribute a photo. (Mine is the little letter beads on a zigzag background & contains some of the best advice I could ever think of giving to a teenager.)

If you're a fellow fan of The Vampire Diaries, there's a story about a SET VISIT (!!?!) over on Alexa Loves Books, AND a mention over on YA author Lauren Morrill's blog about her her experience BEING AN EXTRA ON THE SHOW! (Also, FYI: If you're ever watching an episode & wondering what the songs are called, @cmollere, the show's music dude, tweets the song list after the episode airs.)

 Jess & I got Lena hooked on Dance Academy and now she's marathoned the whole show on Netflix (and you should too!) and wants a book series made based on the show. And now so do I! 

 And completely unrelated to books, there is this video of a baby elephant being rescued and reunited with her mom, and OHMYGOD, THE TEARS! 

If you've got a link I should check out, leave it in the comments!


  1. DUDE! Didn't know about the music dude's tweets. Must follow him!

    Seriously, someone needs to make a book series out of Dance Academy. That way, we might not have to wait forever and a day to find out what happens next. DOES SHE GO BACK TO BEN?! END UP WITH CHRISTIAN?! WHAT THE CRAP?!

  2. Replies
    1. We've created a MONSTER. I think she's writing a series based on the show. Hahahaha.


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