24 January 2013

2013 Sarah Dessen Read/Reread Challenge

After years reading The Baby-Sitters Club and thrillers by Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine, came Sarah Dessen. You may remember (from my many previous mentions) that I started reading Sarah Dessen way back in 1996 when her first book came out and I was in my first year of high school. Her books introduced me to what we now call YA and solidified my forever-fan status of contemporary.

So, I'm super excited to tell you about the Sarah Dessen Read/Reread Challenge being hosted by I Eat Words throughout 2013. From February to November, there's a different Dessen novel to read & chat about each month, including The Moon and More in June when it gets released!

February - Just Listen
March - This Lullaby
April - Dreamland
July - That Summer
September - Someone Like You
October - Keeping the Moon
(But where's Lock and Key?! Maybe I'll read that one in December all by myself.)
Edited to add: December - Lock and Key
(Leaving Lock and Key out was an oversight, so it's been added for December now!)

If you haven't read all of them or want to reread (like me), join in during whatever months apply. Head over to I Eat Words to sign up in the comments. (It's casual, so no pressure, even if you join in.) And I'll post about the book of the month here as we go! (Follow the blog or tweets to be alerted with each post.)

Happy reading!


  1. YAY! This makes me so happy. Also, I am an idiot and forgot to add Lock and Key. I just updated the schedule this morning. Good catch! :)

    <3 Farrah @ I Eat Words

    1. Awesome! Can't wait to read them all again!

  2. Super pumped about this! Maybe we should celebrate our Sarah Dessen 2 year anniversary when the new book comes out?! haha :)

    1. I almost mentioned our Dessen/2 year anniversary in my post, but then I realized no one else cares. Haha.

  3. I seriously need to do this challenge because I feel like I'm behind on my SD reading. I've read a few here and there before I was a blogger but can't remember them really for the life of me!!


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