23 March 2014


The following is a compilation of #bookdeals tweeted today. (I've started tweeting them on Sundays, so follow @StoryboundGirl and/or #bookdeals, if you'd like to spot them that way. Last week's deals can be found here & some are still discounted!) 

Includes: lots of YA, some romance (both contemporary & historical), and two non-fiction books. (And one of them is free!) The list has paperbacks, Kindle ebooks, and an audiobook!

Happy shopping!


  1. LOVE that you're doing this! Is there a list I can join so that I can learn this information too?

    I love your blog by the way! I have it listed on my blogroll:

    1. Glad you're enjoying it! No list (other than this one and my Twitter stream!)... just plain 'ole looking around & compiling a list as I spot them.

      And thanks! I'll swing by your blog & check it out soon. :)


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