13 May 2014

Rebel Release Day!

Last year, I told you about how I loved Amy Tintera's REBOOT, and today book two, REBEL, is out! (If you still need to read REBOOT, it's $2 for Kindle at the time of this post going up.)

I can't wait to start reading! It's book 2 of 2, so this is the end and there won't be a cliffhanger!

However! One thing that's so hard about books in a series releasing so far apart is that it can be hard to remember EVERY LITTLE DETAIL from the previous book (and I can't re-read them all!), but Amy Tintera has saved the day! She posted a recap of book 1 to help you jump right into REBEL. (How nice!) You can read it here. (But don't look if you haven't read the book! A recap won't do it justice!)

So, now that I'm all caught up and have my copy of REBEL, please excuse me...