28 May 2014

Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold romance series

Fool's Gold #15 is coming out soon. I love, love, love the chance to keep returning to the same small town and the same interesting characters. You could probably hop into the series anywhere and figure out what's what, but why skip any... start with #1!

Here's a quick overview of the first six books to convince you to read the series...

CHASING PERFECT (Fool's Gold #1) -- Charity moves to Fool's Gold for a new job and gets to know the town and Josh Golden, local celebrity. Goodreads | Amazon

ALMOST PERFECT (Fool's Gold #2) -- Liz and Ethan had a bad breakup years ago. When she returns to town with a son (who's just the right age to make people wonder), they discover their chemistry is still there. Goodreads | Amazon

FINDING PERFECT (Fool's Gold #3) -- When Pia's best friend died she left her the frozen embryos she'd hoped to carry someday. Pia decides to have a baby in her friend's memory and Rauol doesn't run away. Goodreads | Amazon

ONLY MINE (Fool's Gold #4) -- Dakota Hendrix gets stuck overseeing a romance-themed reality show filming in Fool's Gold. When Finn shows up to stop his brothers from participating, he's suprised to find a reason to stay in the strange little town. 

ONLY YOURS (Fool's Gold #5) -- Montana Hendrix finds her calling in caring for and training therapy dogs. Simon is scarred (inside and out) and resists connection... until he can't resist Montana, of course. Goodreads | Amazon

ONLY HIS (Fool's Gold #6) -- Nevada Hendrix lands her dream job only to discover that her new boss is her first love. Tucker has a personal policy not to mix business and pleasure... of course, it doesn't last long once Nevada shows up. Goodreads | Amazon

There are 15 books in the series so far (plus some novellas in between), so once you start, be prepared to keep reading & reading & reading. I'm especially fond of Pia, and Simon, and ooooh, just the whole town and all of the quirky inhabitants and constant festivals.