06 April 2012

Weekend Away

Hello! Husband and I have escaped to Dallas for the weekend. We're staying on key-access-only-elevator top floor in a super cool hotel. (Thanks, Expedia!)

We're lounging for a while before dinner with friends, so that means I'm reading in a big, fluffy hotel bed.

(FYI: I'm trying out an iPad blogging app for the very first time, so who knows how crazy this post is going to look. I'll get better.)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. THIS. I need a weekend like THIS with D! :) Hope it was awesome! Will I see you at TLA this coming week? Hope soooo!

    1. Yes! It was so nice! I like running away for the weekend... It doesn't take too much planning or cost too much money, but still ends up feeling like a little vacation.

      I'm not sure about TLA yet... I have a math test in the middle of the day!


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