31 December 2012

#NYEReadathon Update #1

Hi, #NYEReadathon-ers! How's the reading going?

I stayed up after midnight reading Jilted in January by Clarice Wynter (a romance!), then read Snowed Over by Angie Stanton (a new adult!) this morning with some grocery shopping squeezed in the middle.

I've pulled out some books to consider reading today, so now I've just got to decide what to go with next... Hmm. So many choices.

And to answer a few of The Picky Girl's questions to go along with the readathon...

I'm a comfy reader! I'm in cropped sweatpants, a v-neck tee, and wrapped in a blanket, wedged in the corner of my sofa.

As for drinks & snacks, I got a Peppermint Mocha earlier (that's gone now -- boo!)... and next I think I'll go with some of my Christmas chocolates (filled with caramel, just like I requested!). Later I'm having a burrito from Freebirds (and it's going to be AWESOME). Way later, I'm going with chips & guacamole & probably more chocolate (because DUH).

I don't know what I'll be reading when the year closes... maybe nothing, since I'll probably spend a bit of time with the husband around midnight so we can makeout or whatevs. (Also, I can't resist Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, who are the most adorably awkward best friend NYE presenters on TV.)

I'll keep updating on Twitter (@StoryboundGirl) & be back to post a reading update here later, too! Tweet me, comment, or link over on The Picky Girl so I can find you and see what you're up to, as well.

Happy reading!

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