31 December 2012

#NYEReadathon Update #3

Hello! I'm back for update #3 on the #NYEReadathon.

This is my last one until tomorrow... A girl's gotta do some celebrating with her husband & beagle at some point, too. (If by celebrating, you mean watching Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin be adorable/awkward BFFS on CNN, and sharing snacks.)

I just finished reading The Education of Hailey Kendrick. (Totally loved it.) For my last book of the night, I'm going to read Monica Never Shuts Up. (I'm a big A.S. King fan and am interested in seeing what the short stories are like in comparison to the full novels.)

I'll be back tomorrow to do some 2012 recapping and kick of 2013. And thanks to The Picky Girl for hosting tonight's #NYEReadathon!

Happy new year!

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