19 June 2014

Oh, hey, a life update.

Hi! Just a quick life update -- I've got some huge, awesome, super fun things going on right now (and for the whole summer), so I'm a bit behind on finishing up book posts (although I've got a whole bunch of halfway done drafts). Soon! I swear! (This post is to hold me accountable.)

Anyway! My husband & I bought a house and are super excited to move into it next month. Before then, we'll be getting some work done on it (electrical update, sheetrock/door changes, new hardwood floors!).

And, oh yeah, I'm in a summer class (for teacher certification) that is Monday-Thursday from 6-9pm and all day Saturday for seven weeks. After my husband leaves for work in the morning, I don't see him again until 9:30pm! And I eat dinner IN MY CAR BEFORE CLASS. Yikes! I sort of hope it speeds by... but I'm excited to learn all I can and thankful I don't have to work in the daytime before I go to class. It sounds crazy, but apparently the state of Texas doesn't allow an accelerated teacher certification program reduce the requirements, so my course and the next several months has to involve just as many class hours, and observations as any regular program that takes much longer. Phew.

I'm reading EDUCATING ESME right now, which is probably not of any interest to people not pursuing a teaching certification, but still! It's an interesting journal documenting a new teacher's whole first year teaching 5th grade in Chicago.

And, of course, I've read a bunch of romances and some YA and some historical fiction recently, so posts for those will be up soon. Swear. (Some have NetGalley due dates, so I definitely won't miss them!)

Hope you're having a great June!