24 August 2014

I've read a zillion books...

I've read a zillion books this summer... I should really write about them! Also, I need to freak out over Dangerous Girls (and then Boys!), and Isla, and how much I love Sarah MacLean.

However, I'm starting my first year teaching (ahh!), so I'm really, really busy. As of tomorrow, I'll be teaching history to middle schoolers. Keep me in your thoughts.

Back soon, I swear! :)


  1. Good luck teaching! I just left my job and I swear I teach in my dreams still! Haha.

    I've heard such wonderful things about Dangerous Boys/Girls! I hope to get to it soon!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  2. What is this Dangerous Girls and Boys that you speak of? Is it the books by Abigail Haas? I came across them on Goodreads trying to search what you might mean.

    Isla...oh yes, LOVED it!!

    I miss you! I hope teaching is going well!


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